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Link Hardware Palmer Mirro-Mastic (Gallon Can)

Link Hardware’s Palmer Mirro-Mastic is a high-quality adhesive mastic that has been expertly formulated for adhering plate glass and acrylic mirrors to various surfaces. It is ideal for use on materials such as drywall, wood, glass, metal, tile, etc. Mirro-Mastic cures to a strong and permanent bond that does not deteriorate with time. This mastic can be used with the Link Hardware Category Two Safety Tape Film that has been washed with a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol. All applications must have permanent bottom support and mechanical fasteners for maximum value. An unopened can of the Link Hardware Palmer Mirro-Mastic has a shelf life of two years.

  • The industry standard for high-quality mastic
  • Suitable for use with large mirrored walls, columns, and vanities
  • Cures to a strong and permanent bond
  • Does not become hard and brittle with time


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